How to Setup CCcam Skyboxf5-f3


How to Setup CCcam Skyboxf5-f3
First you need a cfg (config) file which contains your CCcam lines.

Note: you can obtain the cfg file either from your provider or by creating one yourself. click here to see how you can create a CCcam cfg file.

Put the cfg file on a USB flash and attach it on one of your USB terminals behind the back of your Skybox. Then turn it on.

Now press Menu on your remote control, go to network local setting and go to Camds Setup then click CCcam Client Setup .

Note: if you dont see Camds Setup, press 6666 to unhide it.

Now you have to click Update Files by USB so that your box starts reading the usb flash.

An option is named CCcam.cfg, go on it and press OK so that a green tick appears.

Finally you need to click the Yellow button on your remote control in order to read the CCcam.cfg file from your USB.

If everything goes properly, these messages should appear:

"Find New Account" "Save Data OK" "Read All Finished"

Now exit from all settings, turn your box off/on from power button on your remote control.

There you go, you`ve setup a CCcam account on your Skybox

skybox F3-F5/F3s-F5s update 
Skybox F3s-F5s - includes bug fix for audio but no video on some channels

Skybox F3-F5


If possible format the USB when you put it in the computer. If you do not know how to format, Google is your friend!!!

Download the firmware file and copy it to your USB

Remove the USB from your computer and insert it into your STB

Important-Back up any user data onto your usb using the "dump by USB option" eg: settings , misc files etc

How do I update the firmware?

Make sure your USB is plugged in then navigate to;
> Menu > Tools > Upgrade by USB
> Keep Upgrade mode as "img file"
> Select the firmware you have downloaded
> If you have a keep dbs settings select "no" (you will need to update channel list after this update"
> Click on "Upgrade"
> If a warning appears just click "Yes"
> After it has updated the box will reboot
> A channel list update is recommended. Please see "channel lists"


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