Hot Bird satellite group

Hot Bird satellite group,

It is a group of satellites, operated by Eutelsat, located at 13° East above the equator (orbital position), 

with its transmission covering most of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The Hot Bird Constellation broadcasts only digital radio and TV channels, 

including free-to-air and encrypted channels.

It also provides some interactive services and Internet protocol services, 

and the satellites are currently operating in the 13° East orbit, and are numbered as follows: 13B, 13C and 13D.

Hot Bird 1

Hot Bird 1 was launched by Ariane 44LP on March 28, 1995, at a 13°E launch since Eutelsat 1F1 has been located there since 1983, 

and Eutelsat 2F1 has also served time on site, but has reached the end of its transmission period.

Hot Bird 3

Hot Bird 3 was launched by Ariane 44LP on September 2, 1997 and intends to move it to 10°E to become Eurobird 10.

The satellite suffered a loss of power from one solar array, while drifting from 13°E to 10°E, however, 

it was successfully moved to 10°E, but can only operate at reduced power.

Since then, it has been operating at 4° East under the name Eurobird 4.

It was eventually moved to 75°E and renamed ABS_1B, and then reached the end of its life.

Hot Bird 4

Hot Bird 4 was launched by Ariane 42P on February 27, 1998 and republished to 7°W in July 2006, 

becoming Atlantic Bird 4/Nilesat 103.

Hot Bird 5

Hot Bird 5 was launched by Atlas-2A on October 9, 1998, then relocated to 25.5°E and renamed Eurobird 2.

Then six transmitters were leased to Arabsat under the name Badr 2, after it was called Arabsat 2D.

Hot Bird 6(Hot Bird 13D)

Hot Bird 6 was launched by Atlas V 401 on July 21, 2002.

The intentional interference that affected this satellite was traced back to Iran, 

beginning on June 12, 2009, Iranian election day.

Hot Bird 6 is the primary carrier for BBC Persian TV, and as of 2013, it has been replaced by Hot Bird 10 (Hot Bird 13D).

Hotbird satellites at the 13°E orbital position have been chosen by several countries to publish their free or paid programs.

This is done through national chains or specialized and objective packages, in which North Africa and the Arab world are represented.

Channels transmitted by Hot Bird satellite

North Africa:

Among them are all the public Moroccan channels: the first channel, doublem, the sports channel, the fourth channel, the sixth channel, the Tamazight channel, the sixth channel.

Algerian channels: Kanal Al-Jiri, the third Algerian channel, the fourth Algerian Amazigh, the Noble Qur’an channel 5.

Tunisian channels: Al-Watania 1, Hannibal TV.

Al-Masrya: Al-Masrya Channel.

The Sudanese: The Sudanese Satellite Channel.

As for the Arab world:

Jordan: (Jordanian)

Kuwait: (Kuwait TV)

Iraq: Al-Iraqiya TV.

Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Channel.

Qatar: Qatar TV, Al Jazeera Package

Emirates: Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV.

Oman: Sultanate of Oman Television.

Yemen: Yemen Channel.

Somalia: Somalia National Television.

Hot Bird is one of the most important satellites in the world of satellites, as it is being received in easy steps.

It is a gateway for many SAT lovers to enter the interface of multiple European satellites, such as Eutelsat, Thor and others.

Steps to set the Hotbird 13e satellite receiver

It is best to receive the Hot Bird satellite on a dish of 80 cm or more, and after setting the Nilesat satellite to a good signal of no less than 52 on frequency 11747, 

the frequency 10992/ V / 27500 is placed on the Hot Bird satellite.

The satellite dish is moved from the back to the left about 5 to 8 cm. If you get a weak signal of the previous frequency, 

the plate can be raised or lowered by about 1 cm.

The most important channels broadcast through the Hot Bird satellite

• Eleven Sports Poland . Package

• Eleven Sports 1 HD Poland

• Eleven Sports 2 HD Poland

• Eleven Sports 3 HD Poland

• Eleven Sports 4 HD Poland

It owns the broadcast rights to various leagues, where the most important tournaments are broadcast on them, such as:

The English Premier League is shared equally with Canal Plus channels

• La Liga

• The Italian League

• French league

• Bundesliga

• Swiss League

• Belgian League

• English Premier League

• Rights of broadcasting cups

• FA cup

• EFL Cup

• Other sports


• European Basketball League (Turkish Airlines)

• National Football League

• ATP Tour 250 Points

• Formula 1

The package also carries the following tournaments and leagues:

• Polish League

• La Liga

• The English Premier League

• Spain Cup

• French Cup

It also owns the broadcast rights to the following periodicals:

• Champions League

• European League

• Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers for Europe

• Euro 2020 Qualifiers

• Copa America

• The Wimbledon Open Tennis Championships

• Volleyball World Cup - Men

• Volleyball World Cup - Women

• European Volleyball Championship - Men

• European Volleyball Championship - Women

• Polish Volleyball League - Men

• Polish Volleyball League - Women

• Diamond League Athletics

• Polish Handball League (men + women)

• HBO. World Boxing Championship

• Swatch Championship around the world 


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