Thor. Satellite group

Thor. Satellite group, 

Formerly known as Marcopolo, the group was designed, launched and tested by Hughes Space and Communications.

The group is now part of Boeing's British Broadcasting Satellite Systems (BSB) and has been used to serve Britain's live broadcast.

Thor then became owned by Telenor, and Marcopolo 1 was launched on August 27, 1989, 

the 187th launch of a Delta missile.

The Marcopolo 2 was then launched on August 17, 1990 on a Delta 2 rocket, 

with the Marcopolo having a Hughes HS376 rating.

Although the satellites operate as designed, 

BSB merged with Sky Television to form British Sky Broadcasting.

The BSB satellites were sold and renamed, 

which also led to the demise of the Squarial satellite receiving antenna, 

which was designed to work only with Thor 1.

Marcopolo 1 (Sirius 1 / Sirius W)

Sirius W, formerly known as Sirius 1, launched on August 27, 1989, as Hughes Space and Communications' first satellite.

The Marcopolo 1 was then sold in December 1993 to Nordic Satellite AB in Sweden, 

which until 2000 operated as Sirius 1 at 5°E.

Marcopolo 1 was subsequently moved to 13° W, renamed Sirius W, and had 5 K u band transponders.

Marcopolo 2 (Thor 1)

Launched on August 18, 1990, Marcopolo 2 had 5 K u band transceivers.

It was then sold in July 1992 to Norwegian Telenor who renamed it Thor 1.

It was located at 0.8°W, then decommissioned in January 2002, and in November of the same year it was moved to 7.4°W and reactivated with digital test signals beaming towards Scandinavia.

Then Marcopolo 2 was sent into an unwanted orbit in early January 2003.

Thor 2

Thor 2 was launched on May 21, 1997, and retired in 2008 despite remaining in inclined geostationary orbit until January 2013 when it was de-orbited into cemetery orbit.

The Thor 2 weighs approximately 1,467 kg, contains 15 K u band transceivers, 

with 3 spare parts, and is powered by 40 Watts Moving Wave Amplifiers (TWTAs).

Thor 3

Thor 3 was a satellite used by Canal Digital in the North for DTH services. 

It was launched on June 9, 1998 with an expected life of 12 years, and was located at 0.8°W.

The Thor 3 had 14 active K u transponders, powered by 47 watt travel-wave amplifiers (TWTAs).

The satellite has been targeted in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and parts of Central Europe; Thor 3 is still in operation and is in an inclined geostationary orbit but has been pointed towards the Middle East.

Thor 3 was then replaced by Thor 6 in June 2010.

Intelsat 10-02 (Thor 4)

Intelsat 10-02 was launched on June 16, 2004, located at 1°W, and then moved towards Central Europe and the Middle East.

Thor 5

Thor 5 was launched on February 11, 2008, when it was first planned to be called the Thor 2R' satellite, but Telenor named it Thor 5.

Thor 5 has 24 transceivers in the K u range.

Thor 6

Thor 6 was launched from the Guyana spaceport on October 29, 2009, 

and Telenor Satellite Broadcasting announced on December 15 that Thor 6 has completed all necessary tests in orbit and ground and will begin commercial service in late December.

Thor 6 has 36 K u band transponders, and it also provides live TV services to the home from the 0.8° West orbital position, then replaced Thor 3.

Thor 7

Built by SSL, Thor 7 was successfully launched by Arianespace from the Kourou Spaceport on April 26, 2015.

Serving primarily marine customers and with a total capacity of 9 Gbit/s, it was launched in tandem with the Italian/French defense satellite Sicral 2.

We can say that the current direction of the Thor satellite is 0.8°W, it is located near the Nile Sat.

Sports competitions transmitted by Thor Sat

Also, Thor satellite channels are encrypted and work on servers of embedded devices and paid and free syscams.

Many sports competitions are transmitted on the Thor satellite, such as, the German League, 

the Spanish League, the English League, the Italian League, the French League, the Eredivisie, 

the European League, the European Champions League, the World Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup

Thor-0.8W West is one of the best Sharing satellites currently, as its sports channels work very steadily and without any problems on Sharing servers (Forever, Orca, Vancam, Gesher, Vanilla and regular CCAM servers).

It also works in SD and HD quality, which broadcasts all football matches for the largest European and international tournaments.

Recently, Thor channels broadcast the latest films, documentaries and children's cartoons.

This is despite the fact that the countries of Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Slovakia suffer greatly from the Corona virus.

This satellite is characterized by the fact that all its channels work on the free CCAM with complete stability.

HOW TO Catch Thor-0.8W West satellite

Satellite broadcasts are captured on a dish 70 cm and above, as it is located to the left of Nilesat.

To receive the broadcast signal for the satellite, move the dish from the back to the left about 4 cm.

Before arriving at the Thor site, you will meet the Eutelsat 5°W satellite. 

You can enter the frequency 11059 H 23700, then move the dish a little while lifting it up a bit until you catch the Thor satellite and test all the important frequencies with it.


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