EUTELSAT 16A satellite

 EUTELSAT 16A satellite,

It is a powerful satellite, providing the capability for broadcast and data services, by configuring Ku and Ka band transceivers.

The high-power footprints of Central Europe and the Indian Ocean Islands support the digital video broadcast markets, 

while coverage of Africa stretching from Senegal to South Africa serves the broadcast, 

data and communications markets for SOHOs, SMEs and consumers in West and Central Africa.

16° east is the leading broadcasting site for Central and Eastern Europe, with extensive coverage of the Central and Eastern Europe region.

It also extends across Western Europe to reach expat communities, to include pay TV platforms using EUTELSAT 16A A1 Telekom Austria Group, SBB, Digitalb and TV Max.

The second regional footprint is on Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands, 

serving the Canal + Overseas, Parabole Réunion and Orange platforms.

This is in addition to France Télévisions to support the digital transformation of Reunion Island and Mayotte.

More than 12 million homes in Central Europe and 500,000 in the Indian Ocean islands are equipped to receive broadcasting services from the 16°E neighborhood of Eutelsat.

Eutelsat 16A @ 16° East . satellite channels and coverage

Eutelsat 16E satellite reception method

Eutelsat includes Arena Sport, SportKlub and SuperSport channels. The satellite is easy to catch in all Arab countries.

Steps to capture the Eutelsat 16E satellite:

1. Fix the dish to the European Hotbird moon

2. Set the strongest frequency for receiving the moon, which is: 11304-H-30000 OBN channel.

3. Stand behind the plate, and then rotate the plate approximately 3 cm to the left after the European.

4. Raise the plate and lower it little by little

5. Do not rotate the dish too much because it is very close to the European moon.

Eutelsat 16E satellite coverage:

The satellite covers Tunisia, Egypt, northern Libya, and northern Algeria, 

most of Morocco, the Levant, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, northern and western Iran.

For the former regions, the satellite broadcast signal is captured by 100 cm dishes.

As for the regions of Qatar, Bahrain, and central Saudi Arabia, dishes with a size of more than 120 cm are suitable for acquiring the broadcast signal for the satellite.

Packages available on the EUTELSAT 16A satellite

• Albanian Super Sport package - SuperSport

It is an Albanian package that broadcasts from Europe, specifically from Kosovo (Albania), 

as the Albanian Digital package is considered one of the most powerful broken packages on Sharing on the Eutelsat 16 satellite, 

which contains several channels.

The package broadcasts many international leagues such as:

Spanish League, Italian League, German League, Dutch League, French League, Albanian League.

In addition to the Italian League two, the FA Cup, the European Cup, the Italian Cup, the German Cup, the King's Cup.

• Arena Sport. Croatian package

The Croatian Arena Sport package broadcasts many international leagues such as:

Champions League, European League, Italian League, French League, Croatian League, 

Belgian League, Czech League, Greek League, Brazilian League, Bosnia and Herzegovina League, Serbian League, Spanish Cup, French Cup and English League Cup.

The package also works on the HD system and on the G-Share - Cccam server, and it is very stable.

• Croatian SportKlub . Package

It is a sports package broadcast to some peoples of European countries, namely Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This package broadcasts many international leagues such as:

The English Premier League, the Spanish League, the German League, the Italian League, the Eredivisie, 

the French League, the Croatian League, the European Champions League, the Euro League, and some other sports.

The package also works on the HD system and on the G-Share - Cccam server, and it is very stable.

On this satellite, there is the EuroSport 2 North East channel,

 which broadcasts some matches in the German League.

Croatian HRT TV also broadcasts, which broadcasts some Champions League and international matches.

And also Bulgarian BNT channels, which broadcast some Champions League and international matches.

Eutelsat 16°E is among the best satellites for watching football matches.

In addition to the speed and ease of receiving it in Saudi Arabia and all Arab countries, 

such as Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

It can also be received on the European continent, where Eutelsat 16 is located at 16 degrees east, 

which means that it is located after the European moon Hotbird 13 east.

This site makes it necessary to receive a Hotbird first with a strong signal, and we explained how to receive it in a previous article.

The strongest frequency for receiving the Eutelsat 16 satellite east of Eutelsat 16 ° E

Frequency: 10762

• Polarization: Horizontal H

• Coding rate: 30000

The lowest frequency of the Eutelsat 16 satellite east of Eutelsat 16 ° E

• Frequency: 12605

• Polarization: Horizontal H

• Coding rate: 30000


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