Canal Digital Nordic Package on Thor 5

 Canal Digital Nordic Package on Thor 5,

Canal Digital is a Scandinavian pay-TV and internet service company in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It was founded in March 1997 as a joint venture between the French pay-TV company Canal + and the Norwegian telecommunication company Telenor.

From 2003 to 2020, Canal Digital formed a joint venture with Viasat to form Allente, with the merger completed on April 13, 2021.

But it has since expanded to cable television in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, digital terrestrial television in Finland, and IPTV in Sweden and Denmark.

Currently, its services are subscribed to by more than 2.9 million families and businesses in the Nordic countries.

FTTH services have slowly started in select areas of Norway, 

where cable internet access is based on the EuroDOCSIS standard.

In newer network areas, which include most Canal Digital cable networks in Norway, 

the Canal Digital cabling system is based on hybrid fiber coax technology.

Some other network areas are copper only, but are under upgrade to support new decoders.

And unlike its DTH competitor, Viasat does not own Canal Digital a TV network - however they have had several exclusive multi-year deals with different TV broadcasters.

Canal Digital has held exclusive rights to the satellites with C More Entertainment and ProSiebenSat.1 in Denmark, Eurosport, 

BBC Worldwide and Discovery Communications, since 2011.

The idea of ​​having exclusive rights over satellite was more popular in the past, 

but many channels that were previously exclusive to Canal Digital eventually signed agreements with Viasat.

Broadcasters who were previously exclusive to Canal Digital, later joined Viasat, and who work for Sveriges Television, which joined Viasat in 2003).

Also, TV4 AB (2005-2006), National Geographic Channel, ProSiebenSat.1 in Norway and Sweden, TV 2 (Denmark) and TV 2 (Norway).

Their satellite broadcasts can be received from Thor 5 and Thor 6 satellites at 1°W with any DVB-S receiver equipped with a Conax Descrambling Module.


Canal Digital was the first major distributor in the region, launching High Definition Television.

The first channel, C More HD, was launched in September 2005 using MPEG-2 compression, 

and in June 2006, Canal Digital began broadcasting HD-kanalen from Sveriges Television, 

and TV4 AB in Sweden, which broadcast the 2006 FIFA World Cup in high definition and using MPEG compression. -4.

It then became HD-kanalen, SVT HD in October when SVT expanded its HD broadcasts.

Thus the major launch of HDTV in Sweden took place in November 2006, when a special HD package was launched with Discovery HD and Voom HD.

C More HD was rebranded to Canal + HD, 

with the HD package scheduled for release in other Nordic countries during 2007.

HD channels launched in 2007 include Canal + Sport HD in February, National Geographic HD in April, 

TV4 HD (Sweden only) in May, Silver HD in September and Date HD in December.

In 2008, channels were launched, Kanal 5 HD in January, Eurosport HD in May, Nelonen HD and TVNorge HD in October, and BBC HD in December.

Channels launched in 2009 include TV 2 Film HD in January and Animal Planet HD in February.

The HD channels were also initially offered as a separate package, but as of 1 April 2008 this package was dropped in Sweden, and HD channels were included in the "Family" package.

Danish channels

• DR1 (HD)

• DR2 (SD)

• DR3 (HD)

• DR K (SD)

• Ramasjang (SD)

• DR Ultra (SD)

• TV 2 (HD)

• TV News 2 (HD)

• TV 2 Charlie (HD)

• TV 2 Friday (HD)

• TV 2 Sport (HD)

• TV 2 Zulu (HD)

• TV3 (SD)

• TV3 + (HD)

• TV3 pulse (SD)

• TV3 Sport 1 (SD)

• Channel 4 (HD)

• Channel 5 (HD)

• 6'eren (HD)

• Channel 9 (HD)

• Discovery Channel (HD)

• dk4 (SD)

• Dantoto Race (SD)

DR1 and DR2 are also available on a premium subscription in Norway, Sweden and Finland, so although TV 2 broadcasts on one of Canal Digital's transceivers, it is not a DTH channel.

It is only available for the Norwegian cable market, and it is not a subscription channel.

Finnish channels

• Yle

• Yle TV1 (HD)

• Yle TV2 (HD)

• Yle Vim (HD)

• Yle Tema (HD)

• Nilonin (HD)


• Jim

• Nylonin Prime

• Nylonine Napola

• Nylonin Malema

• Nilonin Pro 1 (HD)

• Nilonin Pro 2 (HD)

• MTV3 (HD)

• Sub

• MTV Max (HD)

• MTV Fakta


• MTV Junior

• MTV Sport

• Total MTV

• AV

• Alpha TV


• Discovery Channel


Norwegian channels


• NRK1


• NRK2

• NRK3

• NRK Super

• TV3

• Visa 4

• TV 2

• TV 2 HD

• TV2 Zebra

• TV2 FilmCanalin

• TV2 Nyhetskanalen

• TV2 Sport (PPV)

• TV 2 Place

• Norge TV

• Norge HD TV

• Channel 9


• Rextoto Direct

The above


• Discovery Channel

• The Voice TV

• Vision Norge

Swedish channels


• SVT1

• SVT2

• SVT24

• SVT Barnkanalen

• Kunskapskanalen


• TV4

• sjwan

• Movie TV4

• TV400

• TV4 Fakta

• TV4 Gold

• TV4 Comedy

• TV4 Fakta XL

• TV4 Sport

• TV4 Sprt Xtra

• TV4 HD

• TV3

• Channel 5

• TV7

• TV8

• Channel 9

• TV11

• TV12

Global Channel

• Channel 10

• Horse 1


• Comedy Central

• Discovery Channel

• The Voice TV

• Nickelodeon

• TNT (Sweden)


• Adult channel

• English Island

• Animal planet

• Animal Planet HD


• BBC Earth

• BBC Lifestyle

• BBC World News

• Boomerang

• Bloomberg TV

• Blue Hustler

• Cartoon Network

• Chelsea TV

• C more first

• C More Efficiency

• C more work

C - More comedy

• See more drama

• C More HD movies

• C More Sports 1

• C More Sports 2

• C More extra sports

• C More Sports HD

• CNBC Nordic

• CNN International

• The world of discovery

• Discovery HD show

• The science of discovery


• Disney Channel

• Disney Elementary

• Disney XD


• ESPN Classic

• euronews

• Eurosport

• Eurosport 2

• Eurosport HD

• Xtreme Sports Channel

• Fashion TV

• GOD . TV


• HD. History

• Horses and Country TV

• TV Hustler

• Investigation results

• TV Engines

• MTV Hits

• MTV Live HD


• National Geographic Channel

• National Geographic Channel HD

• Wild geographic nat

• Nick Jr.

• External channel

• Playboy TV

• Poker Channel

• Sky News International


• Silver HD

Show time

• Classic Turner Movies



• TV

• TV Store

• Voom HD

• VH1

• VH1 Classic

Terrestrial TV

Canal Digital sells set-top boxes for digital TV in Finland.

Before the analogue channels were closed, the package consisted of Disney Channel and four C More Entertainment TV channels.

And when the analog transmitters were shut down, a new multiplexer was launched, 

bringing Kino TV, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, and MTV to the pack.

Kino TV was exclusive to Canal Digital, while others were also sold by rival PlusTV.

The sensational channel Canal 69 was added on October 1, 2007.

The Terrestrial TV package now consists of:

• Discovery Channel

• Disney Channel

• Keno TV


• Channel + Movie 1

• Channel + Movie 2

• Canal + Sport 1

• Canal + Sport 2

• Channel 69

Canal Digital has expressed an interest in selling encoder cards to Sweden's terrestrial digital television network, and the Norwegian terrestrial operator RiksTV is partly owned by the owner of Canal Digital Telenor.


IPTV was launched in Sweden in 2004, and it offers most of the channels offered also on the satellite platform.

In addition to interactive TV and video-on-demand services from C More Select, C More on Demand, Film-To-Home and SF Anytime.

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