Spanish satellite Hispasat 30W

Spanish satellite Hispasat 30W,

Hispasat 30W satellite is one of the best satellites at the level of free viewing, 

thanks to the ease of picking it up in the Arab region (North Africa and the Middle East) and the ease of opening its channels on most servers.


It is an operator of a number of Spanish communications satellites covering the Americas, 

Europe and North Africa from orbital positions of 30.0°W and 61.0°W.

This company was formed in 1989, and its activities include providing communication services in the commercial and government sectors (corporate networks, advanced communication services, telephone and video conferencing).

Hispasat's satellite fleet broadcasts more than 1,250 TV channels and radio stations to more than 30 million homes, 

in addition to providing services such as mobile broadband and landlines.

Hispasat 1 is the first Hispasat satellite to be sent into orbit, which was launched on 11 September 1992 aboard the Ariane 4 launch vehicle from the Spatial Guyanais Center near Kourou in French Guiana.

It was placed in a geostationary orbit at 30° West, the location of all subsequent satellites serving Spain and Europe.

In 2004 the Amazonas satellites (61°W) were launched with the launch of Amazonas 1, 

which served the US market (particularly Latin America).

Then Amazonas 2 launched on October 1, 2009 and Amazonas 3 on February 7, 2013, 

replacing Amazonas 1, which was moved to a new location at 36° W in September 2013.

The Amazonas 4A was launched on March 22, 2014, and the fifth generation of the Amazonas 5 series of satellites was launched on September 11, 2017.

Hispasat 30W satellite is characterized by the presence of a large number of sports and entertainment channels, 

that provide a wide range of different and varied programs in different quality (SD - HD - 4K).

The Hispasat 30W satellite contains many sports channels that broadcast various leagues and tournaments, 

such as Portuguese SPORT TV channels and Spanish government channels.

The State Association of Spanish Industrial Partnerships is the owner of the Hispasat 30W satellite.

How to catch the Hispasat 30W satellite:

The Hispasat satellite can be captured in North Africa with a 50cm dish, and in the Middle East with an 80cm dish.

And to catch the Hispasat 30W satellite by Nilesat by setting the frequency of 10770 H 30000 on the receiver, 

then we lower the dish until the signal disappears, 

then we rotate the dish towards the west (opposite the direction of the Qibla) until the signal appears.

Hispasat . Group

The Hispasat Group consists of Hispasat SA and its subsidiaries Hispasat Canarias, 

Hispamar Satellites (a joint venture with the Brazilian telephone operator Oi), 

Hispasat Brazil and its associated companies Hisdesat Strategic Services and Galileo Systems and Services.

The range of Hispasat shareholders illustrates the company's strategic nature for both the government and the Spanish telecom market.

In 2012, Hispasat shareholders included representatives from the Spanish public sector, the state industrial holding company (Sepi) with 7.41%, 

the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) with 1.85%, 

and the Abertis group specializing in management, with 90.74% of telecommunications infrastructure and services.

On February 21, 2012, the press was informed that Telefónica would sell Abertis its shares in Hispasat, 

and the Spanish government authorized the sale in December 2012.

Then it bought 16.42% Abertis% of Hispasat from the Spanish Ministry of Defense on 25 July 2013, 

raising its stake in the company to 57.05%, with France's Eutelsat owning 33.69%, Spain's Sepi 7.41%, 

and the country's industrial technology development center. 1.85%.

Abertis then sold its stake in Hispasat to Red Eléctrica de España, in February 2019.

Hispasat 30W-6

Located at 30W and serving as a replacement for the Hispasat 1D, 

Hispasat 30W-6 gives HISPASAT additional capacity for the Ku band, in the Andes and Brazil.

Likewise, Hispasat 30W-6 extends HISPASAT's transatlantic capability in connectivity between Europe and America and America and Europe.

In addition, C-band capacity will be combined with US coverage and Ka-band capacity with European coverage, 

in order to enable HISPASAT to continue expanding its broadband service offering in the region.

The Hispasat 30W-6 has an expected life of 15 years.

The satellite is built on the SSL 1300 satellite platform, with a power of 11.5 kW and a multi-mission payload distributed across:

• 40 Ku band transponders, which serve two coverage areas:

1. Europe and North Africa, covering the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the Azores, Cape Verde and Madeira; Mauritius, Morocco, the Mediterranean countries in northwest Africa and the greater part of the European continent can be seen from 30°W.

2. Americas, with coverage from Canada to Patagonia, excluding Brazil.

• 6-pack Ka-band, with coverage of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Northwest Africa, Southeast and Central Europe.

• 1 KA BSS band package, with coverage centered on the Iberian Peninsula.

• 10 C-band transceivers in these regions: Southern USA, Caribbean and South America.

Technical specifications         


Hispasat 30W-6 (Hispasat 1F)

Orbital position and coverage

30º W, 3 coverages in Ku and C and 7 spots in Ka band


40 transponders in Ku band, 10 in C band and up to 6 spot beams in Ka band


36 MHz - 72 MHz in Ku and C band



Onboard processor


Dry mass


Launch mass

Not available

Payload power

10.5 kW

Available power

11.5 kW


More than 15 years





• Broadcast rights and sports channels on the Hispasat 30W satellite:

Portuguese SPORT TV Package:










Package broadcast rights:

Champions League

European League

European Conference Cup

English Premier League

The Italian League

Portuguese League

Dutch league

Turkish League

Russian League

Brazilian league

Argentine League

American League

Australian League

Chinese League

Cuba Libertadores

Cuba Sudamericana

King's Cup

FA cup

Carabao Cup

Charity Shield Cup

German Cup

Italian Cup

Portugal Cup

Italian Super Cup

Portuguese Super Cup

2022 World Cup Qualifiers (European Region - South American Region - Africa Region)

World Cup 2022

And some other sports like basketball, tennis, wrestling...

Package frequencies:

12246 H 27500

12360 H 27500

12399 H 27500

12476 H 27500

Eleven Sport Portuguese Packages:

Eleven Sport 1 HD

Eleven Sport 2 HD

Eleven Sport 3

Eleven Sport 4

Eleven Sport 5

Eleven Sport 6

Package broadcast rights:

Champions League

UEFA Youth Champions League

European Super Cup

La Liga


French league

Belgian League

Scottish League

English Premier League

German second division

English League Cup

France Cup

Spanish Super Cup

German Super Cup

Belgian Super Cup

Some other sports such as basketball, tennis, futsal...

Package frequencies:

12399 H 27500

12246 H 27500

Portuguese Eurosport Package:

Eurosport 1 HD

Eurosport 2

Package broadcast rights:

American League

Africa Cup of Nations 2022

Youth World Cup

Women's World Cup

Some other sports such as tennis, wrestling...

Package frequencies:

12399 H 27500

12360 H 27500

Spanish Government Package:

LA 1

Gol TV


Antena 3


Package broadcast rights:

Some Spanish League matches

King's Cup

World Cup 2022

Spain international matches

Package frequencies:

12548 V 29600

12670 V 30000

11221 H 30000

11302 H 30000

11381H 30000

12630 V 30000

Portuguese Government Package:




Package broadcast rights:

Some Champions League matches in Portugal

World Cup 2022

Portugal national football team matches

Some Portuguese League matches

Portugal Cup

Package frequencies:

12130 H 27500

Brazilian PFC channel:


Package broadcast rights:

Brazilian league

Brazil Cup

Channel frequency:

12360 H 27500

European club channels:

Real Madrid TV

Sporting TV

Porto Canal

Benfica TV

Package broadcast rights:

All Sunni teams’ matches

All team matches are recorded in all tournaments

Channel frequencies:

12670 V 30000

12130 H 27500

12246 H 27500